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What is Boudoir?
It's a journey to self discovery and empowerment. It's about creating a healthy relationship with your self image, casting aside the societal set beauty standard and loving yourself for who you are and where you came from. It's learning to love the body you're in and appreciating your "flaws." It's letting go of those things that hold you back and emboldening yourself to step away from that comfort zone.

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I met Amanda through one of the Relay for Life events where she was doing complimentary photos for participants. After some soul searching, I decided to do something for myself and set up a boudoir session with her. She made me feel so comfortable immediately and made me feel absolutely beautiful. A couple weeks later, I received jaw dropping photos from her. Fast forward three years and I have had over 10 photo shoots with her and I am planning a huge birthday shoot with her in March of 2021. When you have your photos done with Amanda, you are not just getting photos. You are becoming part of Dot’s Dolls which is a group of woman who encourage and support the female body no matter the age, height or weight. We are beautiful inside and out.

~Brandy M.

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"I can't believe that's me!"
A beautiful woman with tattoos on her knees in neon lights and rain.

Amanda blows me away, not only with the quality of her work, but with how she makes me feel. I feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet, and those feelings show on my pictures. I cannot wait to be back in her studio!

~Jenny B.

Amanda is a truly amazing person to work with. She helps you feel comfortable behind the camera lens. She is professional and a beautiful soul inside and out. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

~Sarah L.

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I am blown away every time I look at my photos. I struggle with body image all the time but the photos that Amanda has honored me with help me see nothing but beautiful. Amanda is beyond talented and she is just an incredibly caring, and genuine person. I will definitely be back for more shoots!!!

~Yovonna D.

Though I am told I am a person that exudes confident, I can tell you it's all an act. I struggle with body issues... in fact I hate what I see in the mirror. When Amanda Clark gets me in the studio, I turn into someone who believes she is beautiful. I feel sexy and confident even though I'm barely wearing anything. I had these photos done this month. Many more are on the way from this session though I will only be able to share the appropriate ones. I couldn't believe it was actually me in these photos.

This is more than just getting photos. Doing these photoshoots has been a transformative experience for me over the past 2 years. Amanda doesn't overedit her work and erase what makes us unique. We need to find beauty in our "flaws". I highly encourage you to book a shoot with Dot's Photography Company.

~Jaimie P.

"OMG! I'm HOTT!"
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