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The Investment

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The Investment

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So, you're on the fence about scheduling your phone consultation, you're wondering why you should take the leap and what you'll get when you invest in yourself, am I right?

These sessions are not just about the photos, although, I strive to create the best artistic works I can for you. These shoots are designed to be a whole experience, showcasing the importance of being comfortable and confident in the bodies we are given. 

I wanted to create an environment of luxury and pampering as well as an atmosphere of encouragement and support. My goal is to help people see that they are worth more than their dress size. Your body has been with you from the start of your life's journey and you deserve to have a healthy relationship with it. Self care goes hand in hand with mental health, and a lot of times our mental health affects how we view ourselves. 

You're not only investing in yourself, you're entrusting me to provide a valuable service. I am a licensed cosmetologist, therefore, I am able to offer onsite hair and makeup services. I also have a large selection of wardrobe choices in a variety of sizes in my client closet. I have 10 years of photographic experience, and I have taken the time to learn posing. I have the ability to guide you through positions that will flatter you and show off those assets in a tasteful, yet sexy manner. I am adept at editing and vow to keep you looking like you but just a little bit extra. I don't believe in Photoshopping someone to the point of losing their essence.

You'll get personalized service from the beginning and beyond the time you receive your final product. I'll make sure you're aware of up coming sales, events or specials even after your session is done and invite you to be a part of exclusive VIP Facebook group. I even send you home with a swag bag full of gifts hand selected (or even crafted) by me personally. 

When you choose to book a luxury boudoir shoot, just remember, it is worth it. YOU are worth it. 

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