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What to expect...

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You arrive at the Mill Mall and walk through those entrance doors, you might be a

little skeptical, thinking "How is a boudoir studio located here of all places?"

You'll walk down the hall past a cafe, a salon, some medical professionals and

a gym with anticpation building. You'll arrive at my suite and be

transported into my eclectic mind come to life. You will be greeted and

offered refreshments, from there we will enter my transformation zone. 



Here you will begin to experience the change from your regular gorgeous self,

feeling the nerves and insecurities surface. We will start by going over outfits,

whether you bring your own or choose from my abundant client wardrobe.

We will select options that you will not only look amazing in,

but feel amazing as well. 







You might be feeling a bit more nervous now, but you're also getting braver. 


Once we have your wardrobe established we will discuss your makeup and hair preferences.

As I get to work, enhancing your outer beauty with your inner beauty,

we'll get to know each other. I'll glean a better idea of what you're comfortable

with and how far out of your comfort zone you want to go. 








Here you're probably starting to feel more at ease and excited,

inspired by your hour and a half of pampering. 

When your hair and makeup is through we will get started with one of the

most empowering experiences of a lifetime. Together we will work through

those first few moments of awkward inhibitions. After a few poses, you'll start to

feel more comfortable and confident, and then something just clicks, and it's not just the

camera. That moment of clarity is palpable and the energy shifts immediately. 





You have now gone from everyday you, to confident goddess,

exuding your inner power. You'll be throwing poses like an expert model,

breaking down those inner thoughts that kept telling you that you couldn't

do it. This is my favorite moment because I know that this experience is doing

what it was designed to do. 

After you're finished being my muse for the day, I'll send you out to grab some lunch

or do some shopping while I upload your images and do a quick sorting. You'll come back

two hours later to view your pre edited images. We will discuss product options and editing

timelines. I'll invite you to join my VIP Facebook group, Dot's Dolls, a community built to 

further the empowerment experience by creating a judgement space for women to encourage

and support each other. You will leave feeling like a whole new person, when in fact,

you were this person all along, you just never let her out to play. 








After 2 to 3 weeks your images will be edited in full and ready to order. We can do the

ordering in person or via email, which ever is easier for you. When your order comes in,

usually about 2 weeks later, I will check everything personally to make sure it is of the

highest standard before it makes its way into your fabulous hands! 



Warning, you may now be addicted to boudoir, the only treatment is future sessions!  

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I'm ready to...
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