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Pinup on a Budget

One of the biggest questions I get from people looking to book sessions is "Do I bring my own clothes? I'm not sure I can afford to buy extra clothes just now." While I do have a small collection of clothes for my clients to borrow, I do encourage they bring something they feel comfortable and confident in.

Of course, you can usually find some inexpensive pieces online, I know I love Amazon, but as a small business owner myself, I support the idea of shopping local. Now that doesn't mean I want you to go drop a couple hundred on brand new pieces. Thrift stores and consignment shops are AMAZING for shopping for pinup looks! Antique shops will have some more truly authentic pieces, however, they might be out of budget. So I suggest sticking to the local thrift stores.

You will find a lot of classic pieces that with the right accessories, will suit just fine! Pinup is more than just the clothing, (This is why I also offer hair and makeup services ;) ) Pinup is also an attitude. It's exuding a flirty confidence with a hint of sex appeal.

Here in Ellsworth you can find several thrift stores with great selections! My sister and I visited one Main Street that has been around since 1991. 2nd to None has a great selection of women's clothing. She also has a wide variety of men's and children's clothing, shoes, accessories and Maine made gifts!

We went in with the goal of finding classic pieces that could make an whole outfit for $20 or under. We were not disappointed! Of course we had a blast pulling pieces and matching things up. I looked in all size brackets and there was plenty to choose from. We found 4 outfits for under $20 and with the right styling and accessories would make some adorable shots! The best part is they are very classic pieces that can be worn any time!

Outfit one: High waisted leggings ($6.98) and polka dot button up shirt ($6.90) is a very versatile outfit. In a photo shoot I would pair this with black pumps and pearl earrings. Put a black bra under it to put a sexier spin on it. Hair would be styled into a classic victory roll set with curls cascading down the back and makeup would, of course, be a subtle eye shadow and black winged eye liner with a bold red lip.

Outfit two: This polka dot dress with scarf ($14.90 plus a couple of dollars for the scarf) screams retro throwback! Although the cut of the dress is a little more modern, it's super easy to turn anything with polka dots into a retro inspired shoot by adding a Mary Jane type shoe or classic pump with a string of pearls. I would style the hair into an elegant knot with a waved front. Makeup could stay right on the classic side with a winged eye liner and red lip to match the scarf or a neutral lip with a soft smokey eye.

Outfit three: A basic black, strapless dress ($10.50) may seem a little uninspired, but this really makes for a great blank canvas. Black pumps and pearls are a go to for sure, but also adding a leather jacket and subbing out the black pumps for a Converse style sneaker would give this look an edge. If we are sticking with a classic look then the typical red lip and winged liner is an obvious choice, however, if we are playing with the edgier look then a bolder eye and darker red lip would make this pop!

Outfit four (pictured below): This look is a little country, but also would make for a cute fall shoot! The pink plaid shirt ($6.98) paired great with my own jeans. Thank goodness high waisted jeans are a look again! By wearing a cute white or pink bra under the top and tying it up under the bust will give it a sexy cow girl feel. Pairing it with jeans or jean shorts that you already own would be ideal, but you can also find great denim choices at 2nd to None. Throw on boots to complete the cow girl theme or a clean pair of Converse style sneakers (off brands are super affordable) for something a little more playful. Curling the hair and putting in pig tails and keeping the makeup light and youthful will perfect this look.

(Don't mind my mismatched socks, who has time to pair them up?)

Purchasing accessories is really easy. Pearls are a go to for sure, and they just have to look the part so you can get away with buying costume jewelry. Scarves and bandannas are very useful and versatile. There's no need to go too crazy, you don't want to go too overboard and overwhelm yourself in your photos. Luckily, I happen to have an abundance of accessories and shoes that I can match to any theme!

Thanks for baring with me as I rambled on, but I think my point has been proven! You can ABSOLUTELY get a full pinup inspired outfit for under $20! Plus, no shipping and handling fees! And a HUGE thank you to Lass King at 2nd to None to putting up with my sister and I, even though we kept you past closing! Oops!

Stay tuned for more posts about how to shop for your photo shoot on the cheap! And remember, shopping local helps our community members live!

2nd to None Thrift and Consignment store

142 Main Street, Suite B

Ellsworth, ME 04605

Find them on Facebook!

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