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My name is Amanda, and welcome to Dot's! I specialize intimate portraits, individuals and couples. I believe in the empowerment of women and creating healthy relationships with our bodies and self image. 

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I have been a photographer for about 10 years now, I started out as a hobbyist, playing with different genres as I was learning my camera and how to use light. Admittedly, I wasn't that good in the beginning. I had tried off and on throughout the years to make my hobby into a flourishing business, but life has a way of redirecting you when it's not your time. Through marriage, to a new baby, full time Cosmetology school and then working full time in the beauty industry and to eventual divorce, I was unable to dedicate the time and effort I needed to improve my skills and business sense. 

Finally, after a few years of turmoil, I decided it was time to start fresh and get serious. My grandmother, Dottie, always encouraged us to follow our hearts, work hard and most of all be happy. I decided to rebrand myself and to remind myself of the lessons taught to me by my late Nana, I chose to dedicate my business to her. Dot's Photography Company was born. 

I spent the next few years pouring over education materials, teaching myself and taking courses, practicing as much as I could. I worked out of my home for a while, but knew I wanted a separate space to create and conduct my business. I started to lay the brickwork to realize my dream, then COVID hit and I had scrap my plans and start from scratch. 

Fast forward two years, I have gotten married again, to a wonderful and supportive man, I quit working full time at my salon job, bought a house, gave birth to another beautiful baby girl and finally opened my adorable studio in downtown Ellsworth. This space not only allows me to create amazing art with my clients, but it also allows me to combine my two areas of expertise. I have a full glam station where I am able to style my clients hair and makeup, I have room for an extensive wardrobe collection that gets updated frequently. 

I now have my space and take pride in the message behind my work. I have always hated how the media portrays the "perfect" body and how society holds unattainable standards for beauty and success. We are trained from a very young age to think that we are worth nothing if we do not fit into a certain mould. Through my images and my process behind them I hope to help women see that the mould is not worth fitting into. That our true beauty lies in way we love ourselves and our bodies. When we learn to love ourselves and appreciate how our bodies have carried us through our life's journey, it glows through us to create an aura of confidence and capability. And that is the most empowering feeling of all.


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